Arusjak Tschakarjan Foundation

(Arusjak Tschakarjan Stiftung)

Promotion of public paediatrics in Bulgaria

Project 2018-1




Diaphanoscope for transillumination Astodia (Stihler, Germany)

Ten professional piston compressor Nebulizer Flo Clineb (Cami, Italy)


First Paediatric Department

of the University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment - Burgas AD, Burgas, 73 "Stefan Stambolov" Blvd.

Head of Department:

Dr Boris Angelov

Delivery by: 

Medilink Medical equipment, Varna

Delivery date:

10 January 2018


This project was fully financed from donations to the foundation in connection with the funeral of Dr Maria Hastenrath.


bild-projekt 2018-1.jpg

Test with the Diaphanoscope on delivery on 10 January 2018.