Arusjak Tschakarjan Foundation

(Arusjak Tschakarjan Stiftung)

Promotion of public paediatrics in Bulgaria

Family Katsigiannis, Athens/Iria


We thank the family Katsigiannis and namely Stavros Katsigiannis for a donation (together with Peggy Zannia) and for a collection of donations to the benefit of the foundation.

Stavros Katsigiannis knew Dr Arusjak Tschakarjan personally and always had great respect and sympathy for her.

The donation and the collection of donations were made in memory of his parents, Eleni Katsigianni, née Karmaniola (1925-2019) and Evangelos Katsigiannis (1926-2017).

We also thank Stavros' siblings, Genny and Giannis, for their support of the initiative and the conduct of the collection of donations.


                        mutter und vater stavros 20.jpg

Eleni Katsigianni (1925-2019) and Evangelos Katsigiannis (1926-2017)