Arusjak Tschakarjan Foundation

(Arusjak Tschakarjan Stiftung)

Promotion of public paediatrics in Bulgaria

Project 2016




12-lead Electrocardiograph (ECG1200G)

Patient monitor (CMS8000) with SpO2 Sensor for neonate, extension cable for SpO2 Sensor and NIBP cuff for neonate


Department of Paediatrics

of the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment - Ruse,

Ruse, 2 „Nezavisimost" street

Head of Department:

Dr Eva Tsonkova

Delivery by:

ILAN Medicinska aparatura (ILAN Medical Technics), Varna

Delivery date:                

19 May 2016




Dr Eva Tsonkova (fifth from left) with her colleagues (from left to right) Dr Panayotova,

  Dr Novakova, Dr Kalcheva, Dr Dossev, Dr Stoyanova, Dr Fuchidjieva, on the table the donations (2016)