Arusjak Tschakarjan Foundation

(Arusjak Tschakarjan Stiftung)

Promotion of public paediatrics in Bulgaria

Project 2012




Phototherapy Lamp (BT-400) with a Cart on rolls

Three Syringe Pumps (SEP-10S PLUS)



Multiprofile and Specialised Paediatric Clinic with Children Intensive Care Unit

of the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment “Saint Marina”,

Varna, 1 „Hristo Smirnenski“ Blvd

Head of Clinic:

Assistant Professor Dr Violeta Iotova

Deliveries by:

Kreienbaum Neoscience GmbH, Langenfeld, Germany (The Lamp)

Medidom AD, Sofia (The Syringe Pumps)

Delivery dates:                

26 April 2012 (The Syringe Pumps)

6 Mai 2012 (The Lamp)




Baby during treatment with the Phototherapy Lamp (2015)